What's Your Advantage Over Others?

We introduce you to an unending variety of shoes without demanding you to empty your pockets. Your ease and comfort are our topmost priority whether it be in shoes or providing services to you. Though the list is long, our most obvious advantage over the others is that you aren’t merely a client to us. You matter to us way more than that. We take your concerns into account and try our best to address them in the best way. 

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- You don’t have to feel sorrow for the money you spent because you get due value for it.
- You wouldn’t have to waste time in going from one shoe pair to another because no pair of shoes would be added with less comfort than the other.
- Looking stylish is not the sole purpose of shoes. Your feet will feel more at home than ever before with custom shoes.
- Custom shoes are better adapted to provide an enhanced support system to your feet.

Create Your Own Shoes

A significant benefit of creating your shoes is that they will last for about a lifetime. If that’s the case, a slightly higher upfront wouldn’t be a bad option to go for, isn’t it? Additionally, with custom shoes, you will be able to implement your choice to the fullest degree rather than going for the generic ones to choose from.

Choose From Existing Designs

We have dozens of opportunities lined up for you to choose from. If you are running out of time, just have a look at the designs we already have and you will be confident about more than just a pair! That’s our promise.

Our Key Features

For either of the modules you wish to proceed with, we have spent time and money to set ourselves apart from all the other businesses. This sheer effort has resulted in us being unique in the 3 most important things which we regard as our key features. Have a look at these interesting features, which are bound to benefit you:



We aren’t limiting your thoughts by setting barriers for you. You can easily start with a low MOQ without facing any problems from our side. We will try to keep it as fluent as possible, although this is a feature not easily available in the market. You can easily start with ordering a quantity as low as 50 pieces.


Different Types

We deal in all these different types of shoes you have heard about. You will not have to seek different doors to find different shoes, get connected to us and you are all done! 


100% Client Satisfaction

We go the extra mile to cooperate with our clients and fulfill all their requirements. This helps us to develop a deeper understanding with our clients and we are better able to fulfill their needs. Our hard work throughout the years has resulted in our clients being 100% satisfied with us. Trust us when we say that it’s easier said than done.




“I highly recommend sweetlightshoes to all of my friends. We order from them many times, they are not just a producer but also a full solution for my business"



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