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In-Stock Shoes Wholesale

We are a wholesale shoe brand and will bring everything to the table that profitably benefits your business. We keep a variety of shoes in stock to fulfill the wholesale needs of your business and to keep it away from facing any scarcity of shoe stock.Including sneakers, sandals and water shoes.

What Do We Put Forward to You?

A variety of quality products is what we promise you. Painting our promise with true colors, we have come forward with a variety of categories to offer shoes in. The categories from which you can choose a pair of shoes are;

• Canvas shoes
• Rain boots
• Sneakers
• In stock sandals&water shoes

Our Pricing

Well, we do understand that price is an important factor even among the most prime elements of the business. In this way, it lays a huge effect on the progress of the business.

As we’ve been in the business for a long so we have a fixed pricing strategy which is designed in such a way as to give you a benefit over your competition which you are unable to overcome. Since most of the time, we don’t involve a chain of retailers and this will give you a fair advantage in price dealings with us.

Why Choose Us

Direct Pricing from The Factory

There wouldn’t be a chain of retailers involved between you and us. As this is the chain that accounts for the increased price so we offer you a price which is direct from the factory. This will also make you distinct as you can easily offer a lower price for the products you sell further.

Small MOQ

We are destroying many barriers to the industry with the small MOQ option. The vast business industry doesn’t leave enough space for startups to set up. Our small MOQ will lighten up your burden and you’ll have no certain limits for a MOQ.

Shipping and Return

Shipping products is a big responsibility to handle as this is the journey where your product can be at risk. Product safety and timely delivery need to be ensured with a safe and trusted shipping process.

Also, we entertain returns based on solid reasons. If you are an experienced business owner you must know that this is a feature hard to find for your business.


Emilie Frank

Store Manager

Having used discount toner cartridges for twenty years, there have been a lot of changes in the toner cartridge market. The market today is approximately a twenty billion dollar business. The savings today are significant. The quality of the discount cartridges is unsurpassed. To insure your complete satisfaction in purchasing discount toner, take a minute to make an informed choice. The problem was that the drill and fill cartridges produced poor quality and printed fewer pages. They were very inconsistent from cartridge to cartridge. In short, there was no quality control. One discount toner cartridge might perform great and the next may not.

Lewis Todd


“Sweetlight shoes has proven to be very helpful for my shoe business. The best part is the price advantage I received after getting into contact with them. I had a chance to play many games with the price and also, I developed from a startup into quite a fine business. This was mostly possible with their small MOQ option. Would set this is an all-time recommendation.”

Maria Holmes


“Amazing, truly amazing! This is how I can describe them. Came into contact with them when I was truly about to give up. But now, I’m on a voyage to grow and grow even more. All their offerings are recommendable and this can be understood from the miraculous growth of my business.”

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