Custom Shoes

We are of the opinion that freedom of choice is truly enjoyable. That’s why we have introduced the facility of designing your custom shoes yourself besides the option of branded shoes. You are entertained if you want to come up with a new design and get into the market. Although this requires some extra effort, we are here to hold your back.



Process of Designing Custom Shoes


Pick Your Model

The first thing we need for starting with you is that we want you to choose the model according to which you want the shoes to be manufactured. Pick the model from the template according to which you want your shoes to be prepared and we are ready to proceed further.


Choose Materials

In custom shoes, you will have the liberty to choose materials for your shoes. These can be the materials your clients demand or the market favors.


Confirm the Pattern

Also, confirm the design according to which you want the shoes to be designed. Pattern design is among the first things according to which your shoes might get selected or not.


Get the sample ready

Now when you are done the pattern of shoes, we will take our time to make that specifically designed shoes ready for you. This will be a prototype for you to see how your imagination will look alike if turned into reality.


Sample Process

When we are done with the product details, we will drive down to factory to product, confirm it and then package the actual products in that design of packaging. Package designs are what catch the eye before the product itself so we devote sheer focus to the designs of the package.



Once packaged, we are not in favor of locking up your products with us. We quickly get in touch with delivery people and get your product delivered to you as soon as possible.


Shoes Care

Proper shoe care can bestow them with a great deal of durability. Also, shoe care involves much more than just cleaning them.
Guide your customers to properly care for the shoes they buy. This is going to add to their life indefinitely. Look at some of the obvious tips we can give you;

  • Polish the leather of the shoes.
  • Clean the soles of your shoes when you have walked along some muddy paths.
  • Remember to use a waterproof protector to spray your shoes. It will keep them protected when going out in rain.
  • Stay away from your shoes getting extremely wet.

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Why Choose Us?

We want to make it easier for you. Why would you choose us when you have a range of options to choose from?
We are giving you some solid points to consider before making a choice.



We are setting apart some major industrial barriers with low MOQ. This is the proof we favor startups. Leveling up your business can come slowly and more naturally with us as we are here to facilitate you with low MOQ.


Experienced Team

Our team holds decent experience in its craft. The experienced team is there to help you out, give you expert suggestions and make your business excel.


Timely Service

We provide you timely service and responses to save your time. This will save you time and help you get your queries quickly solved and your proposal quickly addressed.

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