Prototype Shoes

Prototype shoes are a good way to understand how well will your product do in the market. If you are intending to go for a new idea, prototyping is a way to estimate how your idea will look alike if turned into reality.


Why Should You Go for Prototype Shoes?

Prototypes are a way to test a certain concept or process by pre-releasing a sample product. In other words, it’s used to evaluate a new design to enhance precision.

What Does the Process of Prototype Shoes Comprise Of?

The process of making prototype shoes includes a proper and channeled process. The process includes;

Sourcing of materials

Making of heels and soles

Custom molds development

Making of 2-D patterns

Creating hardware elements



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How Will You Be Benefitted from Prototype Shoes?

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  • You will discover the problems in the shoe design that may trouble you later, before jumping into the market.
  • You will get an estimation of the costs you will have to bear for production.
  • It will become easier for you to determine the machinery which is necessary for your product production.
  • You will get an idea of how long the process of manufacturing takes.
  • You will be pre-informed about the types and amount of materials you will need.
  • You will receive feedback from the end consumers and in this way you can introduce improvements in the product.
  • You will be better able to navigate investors and funds for your product.

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