What does sweetlightshoes offer?

As a shoe manufacturing company, we have to take care of even minor details so that the specifications given by the customers are fulfilled. To make sure all the processes are working properly, we have a different department to deal with different service requirements. Our company makes sure that all the services provided by us act beneficial for customers.

Services offered by our company

Following are the services provided by our company such as

1.Shoes OEM and ODM

First, we need to know what OEM and ODM mean? OEM means original equipment manufacturers, and it deals with the manufacturing a product according to the specifications provided the customer or with a bit of modification of which the manufacturer is capable of, while ODM means original design manufacturer and it deals with in house designing of the products and sells these products to other companies and clients to sell. Our company makes sure that the demands of customers are fulfilled within an affordable price range in both cases.

2.Wholesale Shoes Service

If you plan to start your own business and want a massive number of shoes with an extensive collection of designs, then our company provides deals with every type of order. Our wholesale service helps customers manage their business as we give every demand without compromising the quality and at reasonable prices.

3.Shoes Sample Get

Before starting a business, everyone has this constant fear that what if the design or the product gets rejected, so it is better to test your skills in a river before diving in a sea. Our company provides the sample get service, which allows the new business founder to test their designs before sending them to market. In this way, they can have an expansive vision about the flaws in their products and modifications they can make to reach perfection and meet the requirements of the fast fashion trends.

Measures you have to take to start your own shoes business:

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1.Research and planning

Before starting any business, you must know its basis and how it works. For this, you need to visit the local market to check the prices and understand the strategy. Think of plans that can be beneficial for both you and your customers. Then try implements these plans but on the low level, take from others to avoid flaws and losses.

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2.Shoes Designing

Designs are the first thing that attracts the customers to make them unique by putting effort into it. To have perfect designs to make your brand different from others, appoint designers of broad creative vision.

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3.Make a Shoe Prototype sample.

By launching a prototype sample in the market, you get the idea of public response, which helps you add more modifications and remove the flaws if there are any. And if the product matches the requirements, you launch the whole project and add more designs to the list.

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4.Production at large scale

Once you get a positive response from customers about the product sample, you can go for massive production; the enormous product includes manufacturing of shoes in large numbers. Still, of the same designs, in this way, the order will be done without any flaws and errors.

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5.Understanding marketing ways

As you get a valid response from your customers, you have to learn the techniques of market dealing so you can imply them in your further orders and get your desired profit and also in this way you will be saved from most of the losses.

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6.Packing and delivery

It is the last thing to do on the list, but the first thing to worry about as the order packaging says a lot about its services. Our company provides secure packaging, so the product remains safe and clean; also we offer you details about the product in the packaging. Delivering the package in customers' footsteps can also help you promote the development and help you get their trust.


As in this modern world, fast fashion trends are emerging tremendously to match these trends develop your own shoe business. So you can meet the increasing requirements and demands of the people and also it will bring you remarkable profit which will help you have a stable way of earning so do not delay to step into a new world.

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