A great addition to the discussion is that you are currently on the web page of the world’s leading shoe manufacturers. The advantage it lends to you is that you get indefinite access to our set of experiences so you don’t have to start from scratch.


Our Services

Shoe OEM and ODM

We’ve brought shoe OEM and ODM to the table for you. Whether you are a business having strict thoughts about design in the business or you are only concerned about the basic production process, we always have a place for you with us. All you have got to do is to choose the model that best suits your needs and leave the rest upon us.

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Shoe Prototyping

We believe you should test your skills in a river before jumping into the ocean. Similarly, our prototyping service is most likely to give you an idea of how well your idea is going to work in the market.

Shoes Wholesale

Don’t hesitate to approach us if you are up to some big thing. We wouldn’t back off from providing you with massive amounts of shoes. We also deal in shoes wholesale. So, save your time with us and collectively order a massive amount from us.

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To reach out to a bigger chunk of you, we further distribute the shoe stock to two different types of retailers. These are;

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Shoe Wholesalers

Such retailers deal in massive amounts of shoes give and take. Already established businesses requiring huge amounts usually reach out to such retailers.

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Shoe Sellers

These retailers usually deal in comparatively small amounts of shoes. They are usually more widely distributed throughout any region.


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Offering a variety of quality products has always been our promise to our customers. In the shoe business, we offer you 3 different types of shoes, which are:

Canvas shoes

Rain boots


How Does the Game Work?

With us, the process goes through a proper and channeled process. Have a look at the entire process

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Submit Form

Start over by filling up a submit form with us. In the submit form, we ensure that we inquire about all the details we need to start dealing with you.

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Discussion of Details

Secondly, join hands with us to discuss the details of your business and your requirements from us. This lets us better understand you and your business so we can work with you with a better ethic.

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Sample Confirmation

We will create sample shoes for your business. This helps you get an idea of the way the pair of shoes are going to look. Once you have a look, take the time to confirm the samples so we can proceed further.

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Mass Production

Once done with sample confirmation, we begin the mass production of your product. The advantage of mass production is that you get a bundle of products at the end of the day with the most minimum or no differences at all.

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When the product is manufactured from head to toe, we of course wouldn’t keep it locked up with us. Our next step will be to deliver it to your doorstep.

Why Do We Want You to Choose Us as Your Shoe Supplier?

We don’t brag about our quality. After getting connected to us, you’ll start getting notice of the obvious differences which will set you apart from the noise of the competition.

Factory Direct Mode

We offer you a factory-direct business model. In this way, you easily get away from all the middlemen troubling you or risking your business.

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Strong QC team

With us, you’ll be coming in contact with a strong QC team. You don't need to worry about the quality of shoes to your customers. So that it can develop and boost your business with every passing day and bless you with sound benefits.

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Timely Response

We believe our quality and experience are of no use to you if we don’t respond to your queries and business proposals on time. That’s exactly why we take out time to respond to you on time.

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