We will guide you through the process of establishing the most successful and favorite shoes brand step-by-step. You will have an access to our 20+ years of experience to gate you to all the secret ingredients of making a successful shoes business.



Fabric Selection

Selecting the right fabric for manufacturing shoes is the game-changer. We will guide you to select the fabric that best suits the type of shoes you intend to manufacture. Let us warn you, you shouldn’t go for a fabric that just feels nice to the fingers. We have got a lot more to offer on the selection of fabric from its weight to the amount of stretch it offers and the fabric drape.

Designing and Pattern Making

We are here to lend our hands to you to design your fabric in the best of the possible designs. A finely designed shoes can give you a place among the competition and nothing’s more obvious than this. We will also make it easier for you to bridge the gap between a mere design and product by helping you throughout the process of pattern-making. Pattern making with us involves giving an almost human figure shape to a flat shoes piece.


One of the major challenges that come with a shoes business is producing the best-fitted designs. Grading involves the creation of a range of sizes for a single style and pattern without changing the pattern. Although this phase needs efforts this is going to make you an available option for a range of customers. And who’s not happy with a growing business?

Cutting and Sewing

Our new styles of cutting and sewing will get you a step ahead of the competition and make your shoes one of the kinds in the market. Cutting and sewing is the skill known by a few and this is what contributes to making a unique look. Sewing styles are what hardly can be copied and that’s why better cut and sewn shoes make a great difference.

Finishing and Detailing

We believe no matter how carefully a shoes article is prepared, giving it a final finishing can beautify it more. Proper finishing of your shoes article with us will help you in achieving a better look, change the fabric feel and enhance the fabric texture. This is what gives proper detailing to the shoes and attracts your customers.


We believe making the shoes presentable greatly affects the sales of the shoes because in the end, ‘the first impression is the last impression’. Also, pressing shoes articles gives way to making the shoes more presentable.

Quality Control

Everything that leaves the doorstep of our factory is an example of the finest quality in itself. The reason that drives this achievement is our major concern for quality and also, we’ve introduced a separate quality check that aims only in controlling the quality of every shoes piece that’s associated with us.


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