Importance of Sports Shoes

by sweet light on October 11, 2021

Everyone loves to have fresh air. One of the best ways to have that is by going out for a jog. This form of activity is best to keep yourself fit and enjoy the pleasant nature of the surrounding. It's imperative to keep your body at its best to optimize its performance. That is why you must select the correct shoes for every activity.  

Wearing proper shoes for sports activities provides comfort and increases performance level, preventing chances of injury. Sports can put immense pressure on the legs, ankles, and feet. Running and jumping, for instance, cause an impact force through the legs that are three to five times a person's body weight. Therefore, a properly cushioned sole helps sustain that pressure and avoids injuries or pain. Wearing shoes for a longer period heats your feet and creates discomfort. Therefore, nowadays, most sports shoes are made up of mesh that allows air to circulate.

Modern sports shoes are designed specifically for different athletic activities. For optimum performance, sports shoes are designed with different features catering to the requirements of the field.

Types of sports shoes:

  • Running Shoes: As the name suggests, running shoes enhance your running experience by providing the required comfort and support. Running shoes are designed by keeping in mind the needs of contrasting feet of runners. Evaluation of your feet by a professional is the best way to know which type of running shoe is best for you. An easy way to determine the foot type on your own is to see your footprints when you step out of the shower or pool. If you leave a flat and wide footprint, you have a pronated foot. If the footprints do not have inner arch marks on the ground, it means you have a supinated foot type. Types of running shoes include:

  • Cushioned shoes are designed for runners who have rigid or high arched feet. The midsole of these shoes is of soft foam material that is also present in the arch and heel of the shoe. Ethylene-vinyl acetate is used that has varying density properties to provide cushioning in the shoe.

  • Stability shoes provide light to moderate stability to runners with embowed feet that may collapse while running. The polyurethane material used in these shoes provides stability and support for the runner.

  • Motion-control shoes are designed for runners who are acute pronators. These shoes provide support to their flat feet and heavy body.

  • Trail shoes: These shoes are specially designed for runners who prefer to run off-road. Trail shoes have a deeper tread pattern for strong traction that provides increased stability than the normal running shoe.

  • Walking shoes: These shoes supply stability in the foot's arch for better shock absorption and a smooth walking experience. Heal-toe gait pattern is involved in walking, so you want to ensure that the shoe you are wearing is correct. The sole of the walking shoes is designed to provide comfort and support in the tread.

  • Court shoes: Sports shoes that are designed for tennis, basketball, and volleyball are known as court shoes. These shoes are designed to provide stability in all directions with a solid tread and are typically made of soft leather. Court shoes may have a low uppercut below the ankle or a high cut. The higher cut is usually found in basketball shoes, which support ankles during jumping and landing.

  • Hiking shoes: Hiking shoes provide stability when you walk on uneven surfaces. These shoes have a cushion and comfort in the insole to imbibe the shock from various impacts of these surfaces. The sole of these shoes keeps your foot firmly planted on the rough surfaces that you walk on. Most of these hiking shoes have a longer upper to provide extra support for your ankles.

  • Cleats shoes: Numerous sports, such as baseball, soccer, football, and lacrosse, require the player to wear cleat shoes. Shoes that have spikes or studs are known as cleat shoes. These shoes have multiple juts made of steel or hard plastic that provide additional traction on slippery surfaces like grass or soft turf.

Most popular sports shoe brands:

When looking for sports shoes, certain famous brands produce high-quality sports shoes and are famous for their quality worldwide. Some of them are:

  • Nike: Nike is known as the king of footwear. Nike is famous worldwide for its unmatched quality with trendy and attractive looks of sports shoes. In every two households, the chances are that at least one person owns a pair of Nike. It is the world's largest supplier of athletic shoes, clothing, and other athletic equipment. Nike's revenue for the fiscal year 2020 was more than US$ 37.4 billion. Nike also owns a famous brand commonly known as "Air Jordans." This brand has gained immense success and love from the day it was launched.

  • Adidas: Adidas is plausibly the finest brand globally that specializes in sport's shoes, apparel, and accessories. Adidas AG was founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler, which is now headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Adidas sports shoes are one of the finest athletic shoes available to provide maximum comfort with a prominent trendy look.  

  • Reebok: Reebok is another brand that is considered to be the best choice for sports shoes. Reebok sports shoes are known for their premium quality manufacturing with designs that also cover the latest fashion trends. Reebok sports shoes are durable and provide stability and support to your foot that is required.  

  • Puma: When it comes to sports shoes, no one does it better than puma, a German brand founded by Rudi Dassler in 1948. Puma shoes protect your feet and enhance your performance. Whether it's a short jog or a marathon, you know you are in good hands if you have a puma shoe on.


From the cushioned sole to the mesh upper, your feet need protection from heel to toe. So the selection of a proper sports shoe for your specific activity is very important. Investing in a good sports shoe will allow you to perform your athletic activities comfortably and boost your performance, and you will do more.