Fourteen Must-have Shoes in every Girl’s Closet.

by sweet light on August 30, 2021

Shoes are the deal maker or deal-breaker when it comes to fashion. Shoes can spice up your whole vibe or trash it. Therefore pairing the right sort of shoes according to your outfit and per occasion is necessary.


Investing in some basic shoes can take your OOTD game to the next level. They are a good investment and awesome accessories. And let’s be honest, we ladies can never have enough shoes (or dresses) but the best way to save on shoe shopping is to buy smartly. Having some basic footwear is the key. Don’t go around buying everything trendy or on sale. Buy smart footwear that will go well with most occasions.


Here are few staple shoes that you must own to look like an OOTD queen you are:

1. Basic white sneakers.

No one wears a gown every day (well unless you are fabulous that way). Most of our daily wear includes T-shirts, jeans, and skirts. A casual clothing style. And to match the whole look, a basic white sneaker is the best choice. It gives off a classy yet effortless look. It is comfy footwear that you can wear all year round.

2. A pair of black boots.

Another staple shoes are black boots. It is for those occasions when you want to look a little edgy and badass. Every girl has those days when she just wants to look extra cool and like a complete girl crush. A pair of black boots can give you that chic look and they are also very fall aesthetic shoes.

3. Casual slides.

Summer heat calls for something more airy and breathable than a normal shoe. This is where slides come to the rescue. You can cutely pair your slides with bikinis or tank tops and shorts. They also go well with cute summer dresses.

4. Loafers.

For your business meetings or professional occasions, a pair of loafers make a great footwear item. Even though these sorts of shoes are comparatively new in fashion, these are the perfect ones for occasions that require you to look crisp. Loafers are comfortable yet very stylish and go very well with a pencil skirt or trousers.

5. Basic heels.

Every woman needs a basic pair of heels to crush her enemies with (figuratively). A simple black or neutral heel pair is a necessity and should be in every woman’s closet. It gives off a very professional look and makes you look classy. You can wear them to a wedding, or a meeting, or even on a date. It is better to buy a good pair of neutral heels to save you from the dilemma of what you should pair with your outfits on days you are extra indecisive.

6. Thigh-high boots.

Yes, you need thigh-high boots. Why? Because they are classy. They are chic. And they look super sexy! But most of all, they give your whole outfit that extra boost you keep searching for. These boots are also a blessing in the winter season when you can’t stop layering up. This saves you the trouble of keeping your legs warm without compromising the overall style.

7. Platform heels.

There is no secret that tall heels, no matter how much we ladies love them, are not that comfortable. Therefore a platform heel is the best alternative to that. On the days when you want to wear heels to look extra sharp but you also don’t want to strain yourself, adorn a pair of platform heels. They come in different styles and colors and will surely brighten your outfit and mood.

8. Cute strappy sandals.

Be it a house party or a brunch, a pair of strappy sandals adds that pizzazz to your whole look. They are cute, dainty, and go with every sort of outfit. Sandals are amazing for every summer occasion.

9. Flat sandals.

Best for spring and summer, a pair of flat sandals is the go-to footwear for many ladies. It goes with everything, from summer dresses to jeans and even skirts. They are perfect for the beach and even for casual pool parties.

10. Ballet flats.

If you are one of those girls who have a very feminine style, then the ballet flats are perfect for you. They are super cute and comfortable. They go so well with dresses and skirts. And can be worn in both casual and formal settings.

11. Wedge sandals.

Not a fan of flats? Don’t worry! Wedge sandals are here to save you from flats. If you are looking for perfect heels for springtime and summer then wedge sandals are your answer. They go perfectly with almost every outfit choice.

12. A pair of oxfords.

For days you like to dress sassily with a more androgynous edge, a pair of oxfords are your best friends. They are versatile and chic. They are a perfect choice for meetings, exhibitions, and even formal occasions.

13. Statement pieces.

Just like jewelry, shoes are also an important accessory. Therefore owning some statement shoes is a need. On days you decide to dress neutrally, you can add these statement shoes to elevate your look. A nice pair of statement heels and statement boots can take your outfit from “I didn’t care today” to “I woke up to Slay”. And Slay you should! Therefore add these statement pieces to your closet ASAP.

14. A nice pair of running shoes.

A pair of running shoes is a must-have. Not for style but its practicality. It is really necessary to take care of your health and owning a pair of running shoes might motivate you to work out and look forward to staying healthy and fit.

Take away:

  1. Boots are important. Be it ankle boots, knee-high boots, or thigh-high boots. These are classy and chic. Perfect for that pumpkin-spice latte season.
  2. Heels are a girl’s bestie. Want to look professional? Go for neutral pumps. Want to look classy? Adorns a pair of statement heels.
  3. Flats, sandals, and ballet flats are pure comforts. Classy, versatile, and comfortable, are the three words that define these three. Perfect for every occasion and a summer staple.
  4. Don’t forget the casual white sneaker.
  5. You really need running shoes. Say Hi to health!